Now or never - Realizing Global Green Regime - UN, Pakistan Climate Crisis

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About the book

This book highlights the aspects of global climate change linked to human security in the following ways:

• Discusses various dimension of UN peacekeeping mechanism in the framework of global climate change.

• It covers wide-ranging aspects allied to climatic concerns and policies in developed, developing and underdeveloped nations in the emerging global scenarios.

• Explores the climate literacy levels of the policy makers and frontline peacekeepers.

• Highlights complex dimensions of climate securitization and emphasizes the need for synchronizing the social and political order.

• Reveals upcoming challenges of state sovereignty conflicting with climate action.

• Highlights Peace characterization of Pakistan which has been more projected in a myopic view in war literature rather then peace literature.

• Debates future forecast and a road map to address the environmental concerns.

• It reveals the views of Global South on the biggest issue confronting humanity.

Author: Dr Khalid Mahmood
ISBN: 978-0-9957885-1-0
Published on: 1st October 2022

*The book will be sent to you via email by our distributor, "Sofia Fields Editorial Services, UK".

Foreword by Ban Ki Moon

Former Secretary-General of the United Nations

Dr. Khalid Mahmood Shafi’s efforts in exploring the interlinkages between climate change and UN peacekeeping are commendable.

Pakistan's contributions and sacrifices for international peace and stability, manifested through its support to UN peacekeeping, spanning over the past six decades, is a widely appreciated endeavor, and has been forcefully highlighted by Dr. Khalid as well. Pakistan is home to a rich manpower resource and diverse landscape. It is also among the top countries impacted by climate change, according to Climate Risk Index. This book presents an intriguing dimension of an existential global crisis from a UN peacekeeping standpoint. It discusses challenges, current policies and possible solutions. It also provides a comparison of climate threat and policies of states at strategic, operational and tactical levels, and is thus a good treatise of the ongoing narrative on climate change.